• The components shown as blue are made from anodized aluminum.  Anodizing adds durability to the profiler and scratch resistance.  Your MD Profiler can be personalized with your favorite color or school color for an additional charge of $50!

  • The blade carrier bearing rides on a hardened stainless steel platform which will last a lifetime.  Other profilers use aluminum platforms, which can wear out over time and eventually affect the thickness of your profile.  The profiler will work as well in fifty years as it does on the day you purchase it.
**Special Requests:  If you like the profiler, but you would like a special modification  such as different ecthings on the barrell, no slope on the ramp, a different slope on the ramp, no flat spots on the barrell pins to create the spine, or virtually anything else, please use the contact page to email Paul.  Modifications may involve additional charges and a longer delivery time.
Color Options
The MD Bassoon Reed Profiler represents a revolution in the design of reed profiling machines.  It gives the user the ability to quickly and easily adjust the thickness of the reed as well as the angle of the profile.  The MD Profiler not only provides maximum adjustability, it also allows the user to return to previous settings or select new settings without tools and without disassembling any components.


  • The MD Profiler uses numbered adjustment knobs which give you the flexibility to profile your reed to the exact thickness which you like without the hassle of extra parts or thickness washers.  The knobs are numbered 1 to 8, with each number representing a thickness .057 millimeters.  The knobs will also stop between numbers, giving the user a height adjustment of .028 millimeters for each click.  Turn the adjustment knobs to a lower number for a thinner profile and a higher number for the thicker result.
* Please allow at least 12 weeks for delivery.  See hte Products page for more information.

Kansas residents please contact me before ordering

International customers please order here:
Longitudinal centerlines on each end of the barrel
Spare blade
Millimeter scale on the side of the barrel
Cane alignment etch marks in the center and at 120mm (barrel length is 150mm)
Allen tool storage underneath!
Download the instruction manual here: